Immigration Progresses Again

Last time, I mentioned that my wife’s immigration process has stalled a bit, thanks to immigration not believing I’ll live in Canada when she arrives. Well, we got a couple documents that should help prove to them that I will in fact live in Canada.

First of all is our itinerary. We know exactly what flight we’re taking to Canada. It’ll show them that we are going to Canada. The entire family. Secondly, I got a letter from my company stating my intention to return to Canada and resign from my job. I’ve already given them my resignation, even though it’s still more than six months away. It’s official, though.

Well, that’s the update. Hopefully, we won’t need to do much more other than wait, clean, pack, send things, and throw away what we don’t need. But we need to clean up for my sister’s visit next month, anyway. I’d like this to go smoothly. But this is government we’re dealing with, which always tries to make things difficult for people it seems.

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