My Battle With a Three-Year-Old

My daughter is three and a half years old. Here she is in her silliness.


Yes, that’s a little rubber duck on her nose. Suction is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Well, when she’s being silly, which is most of the time, her focus tends to be on me. And when I sit at the computer to type something, she usually decides that it’s time to climb on me, sit on me, or take control of my hands. That’s fine, except that since the weather has become cooler, she refuses to sleep until around midnight or one in the morning! By the time I get her to sleep and in bed, I’m too tired to do much of anything.

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been replying to comments in a timely fashion, well, it’s because I’m in mortal combat with my threenager.  Thankfully, I have time to myself tomorrow morning, and I will get caught up.

I have a great post for tonight, if my daughter will let me write it.

Fantasy in the Real World

Reading fantasy, I find that my mind paints a picture of what the world looks like. There tend to be a lot of forests. And mountains. And caves. Sometimes there are grasslands and deserts, but mostly forests.

Looking around at the real world, I sometimes imagine what places are most like a fantasy setting. Here in Japan, you can find pockets of wilderness in the city that provide you with bamboo groves or valleys with small streams and tall trees. But when I think about fantasy, one place stands out. It’s in Canada. On Vancouver Island, there’s a place called Cathedral Grove. It has these massive trees in a temperate rain forest, and it’s a place you could imagine mythical being live and hunt in.

What places do you think could fit into a fantasy story?