Blog Spotlight – North of Andover

Frequent commenter and the brother/twin/clone of Authors Answer contributor Paul B. Spence, next is North of Andover, Thomas Weaver’s blog. While this is his blog, he does have a lot of things for Paul on here, though Paul does have his own blog on Goodreads and a website. But we’re here to talk about Thomas’ blog.

northofandoverWhen you first come to the main page, you can see that it has a neutral, but clean design with a grey theme.  Looking deeper into the page, you’ll find that he doesn’t actually showcase his writing. However, he does something different. He’s an editor/proofreader. And there are a lot of writing resources to find here.

Let’s take a look at the menu options. We have the usual Bio, Contact Info / Where to Find Us Online, Fiction, Grammar Rants, Links, and Mercenary Proofreader (and Editor).

Looking at the Bio page, you’ll see that most of it is about his brother, Paul. But he does talk about himself, too. You’ll quickly notice that they are a team.

On to Contact Info / Where to Find Us Online. This is pretty obvious what it’s about. You can find their contact information.

Fiction has a couple submenu options, Novels and Short stories. These both provide links to Paul’s published books and short stories, all of which are science fiction.

As I said before, there are some good resources on this blog. Grammar Rants provides how you should and should not use various words and punctuation in writing fiction. For example, there’s a great one for homophones.

Then we come to Links. This is probably the most extensive feature of this blog. There are so many resources about writing that he’s linked to. This is a very valuable resource, and I think you should definitely check it out.

Finally, we have Mercenary Proofreader (and Editor). Thomas calls himself the Mercenary Proofreader, and this is what he primarily does. He edits and proofreads. This page is his work, and you can find out exactly what he does, as well as how much his services cost.

So, check out North of Andover, especially if you need writing advice or editing services. There’s a lot to learn here.

Personal message to Thomas

Thanks for being the great relay between Paul and Authors Answer. You’ve contributed a lot to the comments, which is very much appreciated. Your knowledge of writing is very welcome!

Let’s Have Fun Discussions: Ask the Readers

I feel as if we have a nice little community here now, and we often see many of the same people in the comments. I’d like to begin a regular Ask the Readers feature where I pose a question, answer it, then hand it over to all of you to answer in the comments.  Maybe we can have some lively discussions. Some will be fun, some serious, some silly, some controversial.

The topics could be anything from writing, blogging, world events, food, science, books, parenting, politics, religion (yes, I’m going there), history, and more. Really, the sky’s the limit.  But I’m not going to be the one asking the questions. You are.

So, in the comments below, please ask your questions. But please don’t answer the questions below, only ask them. Once I start getting questions in, I’m going to post them once a week. So, let’s have fun!