Let’s Have Fun Discussions: Ask the Readers

I feel as if we have a nice little community here now, and we often see many of the same people in the comments. I’d like to begin a regular Ask the Readers feature where I pose a question, answer it, then hand it over to all of you to answer in the comments.  Maybe we can have some lively discussions. Some will be fun, some serious, some silly, some controversial.

The topics could be anything from writing, blogging, world events, food, science, books, parenting, politics, religion (yes, I’m going there), history, and more. Really, the sky’s the limit.  But I’m not going to be the one asking the questions. You are.

So, in the comments below, please ask your questions. But please don’t answer the questions below, only ask them. Once I start getting questions in, I’m going to post them once a week. So, let’s have fun!

17 thoughts on “Let’s Have Fun Discussions: Ask the Readers”

  1. What is your first memory of reading?
    Is there a book you really love?
    Is there a book you hate? Why?
    Did you like reading as a child or did you discover reading as an adult?
    What is the last book you gifted, what were your reasons?
    Do you write?
    Ah I could come up with so many more…

      1. You are welcome.
        Have you ever bought a piece of art? What emotions did you feel when you did?
        If you have children, how old were you when the first one was born?
        Sorry, just had to add some more. 🙂

  2. What genre is your favorite to read?
    Do you review all the books you read?
    If you don’t review, why not?
    What would you like to see in future books? What genre?
    Would you like to be a beta reader?

      1. Yeah, I guess you would if authors follow you. I don’t like to get into religious or political questions, too controversial. I like the premise of this post though.

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