Difficult to Read Books

I enjoy reading books. That’s obvious. I love reading interesting stories. Sometimes, those interesting stories are also difficult to read. But it doesn’t stop me from reading it.

Currently, I’m reading Homer’s The Iliad, which has a much different narration style than I’m used to. Considering it’s very old, styles have changed a lot since then. For one thing, it’s incredibly repetitive. Characters’ titles, fathers, and the world “godlike” are used nearly every time the character is mentioned. Also, dialogue is often a wall of text that’s a page long. Basically, their conversations are long speeches to each other. Not only that, paragraphs are incredibly long, meaning there are few blank spaces on the page. It’s not easy to focus when it’s like that. And when one person wants another to give a message, the message is repeated word-for-word, even if it’s very long. Because of all of this, it’s taking me a long time to read.

I’ve had people tell me they couldn’t finish The Lord of the Rings because Tolkien was far too descriptive. It was information overload. He described everything in detail. But I enjoyed reading it, and didn’t find it difficult.

What are some books you’ve enjoyed, but found difficult to read?

Just Saw a Man Taken Out of the Station on a Stretcher

Not what expected on a Sunday morning going to work. I was about to enter the station when I saw paramedics wheeling a man on a stretcher through the ticket gates.

He seemed a bit overweight, and his shirt had been removed. Heart problems? Heart attack? That’s what I’m guessing.

It’s really not what I want to see at any time.