Learning More Languages

Last week, I posted about duolingo, a website dedicated to studying language and doing translations. I said I was working on a few languages:

  • French (now up to level 5/25) – This is the main language I want to study, as I studied it for 8 years in school, and want to brush up on it before going back to Canada.
  • Spanish (now up to level 3/25) – This is a next logical step after French, considering how widespread the language is. And I heard it’s fairly easy to learn.
  • German – I’m part German, and I’d like to learn it.
  • Italian – I’d love to go to Italy, and this would be useful.
  • Norwegian – Not necessarily useful, but I’d like to learn it, as I am part Norwegian.
  • Irish – Not the most useful language these days, as there aren’t many speakers any more, but it would be wonderful to help expand the number of people who speak it. Also, I’m part Irish.

Well, I’ve since added two more:

  • Portuguese – Since it’s very closely related to Spanish, this should be quick and easy to learn.
  • Turkish – It’s different. It’s something I may never have to use, unless I visit Turkey, which I’d love to do.

In addition to these, I’m always trying to improve my Japanese, something I need to work harder on. And also, I still want more languages! Duolingo has some languages that aren’t quite ready for studying, but I would like to add Greek and Russian when they’re available.

Are you studying any languages? What can you speak? What do you want to study?

Ask the Readers – First Memory of Reading

A few days ago, I posted a request for you, the reader, to ask some questions. It seems most of the questions are about books. Since this blog does focus on books, reading, and writing, it is kind of appropriate. So, I will be asking and answer the first question now. But before I do, if you have any questions about any topic, please go to the original post linked to above and ask your questions.

The first question was asked by Solveig. Actually, she asked several, so consider this the Solveig phase of Ask the Readers. I will answer the question myself, then it’s your turn. Since this is for the readers, this is for you to answer!

What is your first memory of reading?

What a difficult question to answer. I don’t clearly remember, but there are several instances of reading that I remember in my very young age.

In Kindergarten, I remember Curious George, but the teacher mostly read it to us, even though I had no trouble reading at that age. Other early reading memories are of books about dinosaurs. I was crazy about them, and I still like them.

While I don’t remember this, my mom says that I used to use magnetic letters to spell out words on the blackboard we had in our first house. I was about four years old, and I was spelling and reading by myself without being taught how. It’s not a book, but it is reading.

How about you?

Now it’s your turn. What’s your first memory of reading? Leave your answer in the comments below. Let’s have a great conversation!