In Support of a Muslim Friend

I have a friend that I went to high school with who practices Islam. Actually, I’ve known her since we were nine years old. She wasn’t always Islamic, but converted as a young adult. She is Islamic, as are her husband and children.

Some people have been posting anti-Islamic posts, and she has seen them. They are friends of hers that are doing this. So, if they are against Islam, then they are against their friend.  My friend.  Someone I have known for nearly thirty years. Someone who is an honest person. Someone who is childcare specialist, and does a damn good job at it. Someone who is a Canadian. So, I say to those friends of hers, “If you’re against Muslims, then are you against your friend?”

I know, I know, you’ll probably say, “But she’s different.” How? How is she different? I hope you realise that the vast majority of Muslims in Canada are good people. And they are Canadian. They have every right to vote, to voice their opinions about how the country is governed, and to live peacefully with their neighbours. Want to know what’s great about Canada? Tolerance, acceptance, politeness, kindness. Sure, there are some who are none of those, but that happens in every country. And you know what else? Every Muslim I have met in my life has been a kind, generous, and all around wonderful person.

Muslims aren’t scary people who are trying to blow you up. The Muslims who are doing that are extremists. There are also Christian extremists who want to kill gay people. They’re a fringe. They’re not the majority. The vast majority of Muslims, Christians, whatever, are good people.

So, to my friend, you’ve got me, an atheist, to back you up. Religion doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is the person. And you are a great person. When it all comes down to it, most of us are just people who want to live a good life and make our communities better.

I wish others would think about this. Maybe I’ve changed someone’s mind. I hope so. We need more tolerance in this world. It’s something we’re lacking.

10 thoughts on “In Support of a Muslim Friend”

  1. Your post is truly great. I experienced the same with a Muslim friend of mine and it was heart breaking. I wish your friend realizes that those making such hate filled comments are not friends. I may not know you personally but as a blogger you are a true friend and I am with you.

  2. I’ve got her back as well, me being a Pagan. Every Muslim I have personally known (or have only known via this miracle called the internet) has been kind, generous, and far more accepting of my personal religious beliefs than members of another of the Abrahamic religions.

    1. Now that you mention it, the only intolerant people I have ever met were Christian. Well, I shouldn’t say that. I’ve also met some intolerant people here in Japan, and I don’t know if they were Buddhist, Shintoist, or just non-religious.

  3. Well said, friend. You can’t be against Muslim but for your Muslim friend. That’s not how it works. You’ve stated it clearly, yet kindly, that tolerance is the way. Well done. And I’m with you and your friend.

    1. Thanks. It’s pretty difficult when there are people I know who think all Muslims are trying to bring in Sharia law in Canada, when the vast majority would prefer to have nothing to do with Sharia.

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