The Awkwardness of Speaking on Video

It’s strange. I can speak perfectly fine in conversation. I have no trouble speaking on the phone smoothly, having worked in a call centre. I don’t have any trouble speaking while teaching. But put a camera in front of me, and the words don’t come out very smoothly.

Why? Maybe I’m too self-conscious about how I look on camera. Maybe I feel strange about talking to an electronic device that won’t react to me. Whatever it is, I think I need to write scripts.

On the other hand, whenever I’ve gone back to Canada, people say I speak more slowly. Well, years of having to adjust my pace for my students has affected how I speak. It’s that way on camera, too.

How are you on camera? Are you reluctant? Or do you thrive?

The Trouble With a Three-Year-Old and Video Editing

This is my three-year-old daughter.


Cute, isn’t she? Well, she’s three years old, which means that she’s wild, often uncontrollable, and has a huge attitude. Yes, a threenager.  She’s at that age when she thinks she can do what she wants. She doesn’t have the rules down yet, and demands everything. Tonight, we went to the local festival which is near our apartment and watched a bit of entertainment. When we left, she became incredibly angry.

We ate dinner at home, then we went back to the festival to watch more. However, she decided that she wanted to get on stage with everyone. I told her that she can’t, and she became very loud. She started shouting that she wanted to go on stage (at this time, there was an old guy doing a traditional Japanese song). She kept on shouting over and over, so we had to leave, because she was disturbing the entire festival. And she became extremely angry again.

Threenagers, what can you do? Also, she’s in this phase right now where she refuses to sleep until well after midnight. She was doing so great during summer, going to bed at a decent time. But now, she tends to get only about six or seven hours of sleep at night. She gets up extremely irritable, which is understandable. However, she will not go to bed until she’s so sleepy that she can’t stay awake. I don’t know what to do about this.

Second, I’m going to start using a video editor on my computer to edit videos (obviously). I’ve already taken a couple of videos in the past twenty-four hours, and need to do some editing. Watch for them to come soon on my YouTube channel. And please subscribe to my channel! I’m refocusing what I’m doing on my channel, and I’d like the videos to look a bit more professional. The YouTube editor does a decent job, but it doesn’t look great.

With the “relaunch” of my channel, I’ll be doing a lot of videos about Japan. My sister is coming to Japan next month, so I’ll be taking videos anywhere we go, and putting them up on YouTube. I’ll also be doing the Life in Japan posts in video form. And I’ll make videos about our immigration efforts. So, look forward to seeing those soon.