The Awkwardness of Speaking on Video

It’s strange. I can speak perfectly fine in conversation. I have no trouble speaking on the phone smoothly, having worked in a call centre. I don’t have any trouble speaking while teaching. But put a camera in front of me, and the words don’t come out very smoothly.

Why? Maybe I’m too self-conscious about how I look on camera. Maybe I feel strange about talking to an electronic device that won’t react to me. Whatever it is, I think I need to write scripts.

On the other hand, whenever I’ve gone back to Canada, people say I speak more slowly. Well, years of having to adjust my pace for my students has affected how I speak. It’s that way on camera, too.

How are you on camera? Are you reluctant? Or do you thrive?

14 thoughts on “The Awkwardness of Speaking on Video”

      1. I’m sure it will, Jay. I just got asked to co-host a TV program (local) and that is something I would have never imagined several years ago.

  1. I`m much more comfortable on camera now than I used to be, but a lot of that has to do with a combination of being more comfortable with myself and just doing it a lot. Scripting helps, but sometimes it`s nice to just have someone else in the room with you, sitting behind the camera that you can feel like you’re talking to while you’re still getting used to it.

    1. Oh, I couldn’t do it with someone behind the camera. I’d feel more uncomfortable. And actually, if they did anything to make me laugh, I’d lose control. I don’t know if I could recover.

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