A Return to YouTube

Well, I finally did it. I uploaded a new video to YouTube. It’s been a while. I’ll let my video explain what’s going on with the channel.

So, basically, I’ll be doing a lot of travel videos, vlog style videos about life in Japan, and I’ll document our move to Canada. I’ll also take a lot of videos when we’re in Canada, especially the first week. We’ll be traveling a bit.

What’s new with these videos is that I’m using VideoPad, a video editor that was recommended to me by S. R. Carrillo.  I’d been using the YouTube editor before, and I’m finding VideoPad to be much faster and easier to use. Doing cuts is a lot easier, too.  I haven’t used the editor to add text yet, but my next two videos will include it.

Since I’ve returned to making videos regularly, it’s a great time to subscribe to my channel. So, please go and subscribe!