Ask the Readers – Your Favourite Book

A couple weeks ago, I asked for you to ask some questions that we can ask the readers. It’s time for the second question! Again, it’s from Solveig. First, I’ll answer the question, then it’s your turn.

Is there a book you really love?

This is a very difficult question for me, because there are too many. But I think there’s one that has stood out in the past couple of years. That would be Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. It’s all about the colonisation of Mars and the beginnings of terraforming. It’s a fascinating look at this process that is very heavy on the science. It’s perfect for me. But it may not be perfect for others. Since I studied astronomy and physics in university, I like this type of hard science fiction.

How about you?

Now it’s your turn. Is there a book you really love? Let us know in the comments below, and maybe you can discover some new books. And of course, don’t be afraid to engage in a conversation with other commenters! Finally, please share this post with others.

10 thoughts on “Ask the Readers – Your Favourite Book”

  1. Honestly, my favorite book is Harry Potter. But I also love the Splintered series by A.G. Howard. They are amazing books and if nothing else, the colorful covers will catch your attention.

  2. I have many, but one of my biggest favorites remains Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves. So amazingly creative and detailed. I read it every few years or so and pick something new every time.

      1. It’s hard to pigeonhole. It’s not your King/Straub/etc horror. It’s kinda like the first (and much better) Blair Witch movie, come to think of it. More psychologically creepy than shock-value creepy.

  3. I love all Jeffrey Archer’s books but the Clifton Chronicles, all four books, are exceptional. Another book which I can’t forget is A Woman of Substance by Babara Taylor Bradford which follows a woman through her life’s struggles. These are memorable stories created by talented and seasoned writers.

  4. Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I don’t have a unique favourite I think, but I really enjoy books by Bruce Chatwin. And a book I really enjoyed and cherish is “Vanilla” by Tim Scott, which I did review on my blog some time ago.

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