Blog Spotlight – C. K. Rich

Hailing from the south of the United States is a blog/website run by author C. K. Rich. Caren is a contributor of Authors Answer, and she’s also been a major commenter here from time to time. Her blog is self-titled, C. K. Rich.

ckrichWhen you arrive at the website, you’ll notice something. Waiting to welcome you is an alligator. Well, Caren is from the south. The design is simple and uses light, neutral colours. The landing page is a static page, so you need to use the menu above to access the blog. However, there’s a category list on the right column, as well as an archive.

Looking at the menu, we have Home, Blog, Contact, About, and Books. This is very straightforward and easy to understand. Of course, Home is the landing page.

Blog takes you to her blog. You can find her posts, which are writing related mostly. It’s pretty focused. She writes mysteries, by the way.

The Contact page is just that, a contact page. From there, you can fill out a form to send her an email.

The About page takes you to a brief, but concise page about herself, including what she writes and even where she went to university.

The Books page has her published writing, of course. First is The Fruitcake, which is available for free! The other is The Christmas Gift, which was published in an anthology.

Definitely check out her blog, where you can enjoy her southern hospitality. She’s quite active on her blog, so there are always frequent updates.

Personal message to Caren

Thank you very much for being a great member of Authors Answer. I’ve always enjoyed your answers. You’ve been a great contributor to the comments on my blog, as well. Glad to have you around!

2 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight – C. K. Rich”

  1. Thank you Jay Dee, you’re so sweet. It’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed being a part of Authors Answer and reading your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your life and writing with us.

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