Who Has Your Personality Type?

I found this infographic on the internet (obviously):

Famous Personality Types

What I find interesting is that it describes INTJ as a natural leader. So, basically, I’m a strategist. I guess I do a lot of careful planning in many ways. And I do like strategy games.  But it shows some famous people who have the same personality type as me.

First is Mark Zuckerberg. How interesting. The founder of Facebook is like me? Why didn’t I think of something like Facebook? I’d be rich.

Second is Jay-Z. Not Jay Dee.  Jay-Z.

Third is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Really? How come I don’t have muscles like him or a totally cool Austrian German accent?

Fourth is Karl Marx. Well, I’m not a Marxist, but I do think some parts of communism has its merits. Just don’t give us the dictators who think they’re communists.

Finally, we have Nikola Tesla. That guy was a genius!

So, how about you? If you don’t know your personality type, you can find it on this blog post. Who are your famous personality twins?

25 thoughts on “Who Has Your Personality Type?”

  1. Well, according to that test I’m ISTP, although just BARELY. I’m right on the line of being ISFJ.
    So if we go by what I actually got I would a “Craftsman” and be matched up with the likes of Steve Jobs, Clint Eastwood, Vladimir Putin (lmao), the Dalai Llama (lmao again), and Ashton Kutcher.
    If we go by what I’m super-duper close to getting, I’d be a “Defender”, and be matched up with Kanye West (XP), George H.W. Bush (XP), Kate Middleton, Mother Theresa (o.o), and Christopher Walken (lol).

    I almost hate to give up Christopher Walken, but I’m going to have to stick with the ISTP crowd. lol

  2. Remembering that 1% preference from my test result, I’m totally fine with being a cross between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Jefferson.
    (A cross between Karl Marx and Ron Paul, on the other hand, sounds like a logic bomb.)

    I think the fact that Vladimir Putin and the Dalai Lama have the same type is a pretty good argument against the infographic’s premise that being the same type means being “similar”.

  3. I am INFJ, which is apparently the rarest type. My five people are Cate Blanchett, Mahatma Ghandi, Daniel Day Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and Ron Paul. I admit that Ron Paul threw me as his public persona is not especially gentle or caring.

    1. I’ve often heard INTJ is the rarest type. But I guess both are quite rare. On other websites, INTJ is said to be the mastermind, both good and bad. In other words, it has the people who are great at solving problems as well as the evil mastermind. Hannibal Lector and Clarisse in Silence of the Lambs are both INTJ, yet one is good and the other is bad. Jodie Foster is also INTJ.

      1. He may be like me, with a thinking score that isn’t much lower than the feeling score. He is an intellectual, but also very sensitive. This side got masked when he was doing his character on The Colbert Report, although coming across as thinking go masked too, but comes out much more in interviews.

            1. It’s weird to see the time stamp say October 4, as I sit here on the afternoon of October 3. International date line and all of that! I wouldn’t have noticed so much if they were different dates. October 4 is my birthday.

            2. Yeah. I’m interested in seeing what direction he takes the show. I was a Letterman fan, so I wasn’t particularly happy to see him retire.

            3. I never watched Letterman or the other late night talk shows. We used to record The Daily Show and The Colbert Report to watch the next day. Now, we are recording The Daily Show with its new host, Trevor Noah, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It’s nice to be able to dispense with the commercials and not have to stay up super late.

            4. Trevor bring a much more international perspective to The Daily Show. He is South African/Swiss in heritage and, while definitely knowledgeable about the US, can give an outsider perspective. He is still obviously growing into his role, but his talents are obvious in this piece, which is one of my favorites of his so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FPrJxTvgdQ

            5. Definitely friendlier than Colbert’s persona, although Stephen and Trevor never worked together on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart, whom Trevor replaced, was pretty friendly, unless he was upset about something.

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