My Last Six Months in Japan

It’s September 30. It’s exactly six months until we leave Japan and go to Canada. I’ve been in Japan for more than ten years. And soon, it’s coming to an end.

How do you think I feel? Can you imagine what it’s like to leave a country you’ve lived in for more than a decade and return to your home country? I’m still trying to figure out my feelings. They’re totally mixed. I will miss a lot, I have some regrets, but it will be great to see my family again. I’ll have to adapt to life in Canada again. That might not be so easy. But we’ll see.

I’ll be posting a video about this later on. I talk about my biggest regret and what my plans are. So, check back later.

A Video Tour of a Japanese Buddhist Temple

My YouTube video series, A Taste of Japan, continues! My first two videos were about festivals. Well, now we look at a place. This is more of an introductory look at what a Buddhist temple in Japan is like, rather than a look at this particular temple. It’s not a famous temple, which is good. I needed a typical temple to show you what you can find in any neighbourhood in Japan. So, enjoy the video.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll also be making a Shinto shrine video when I can, hopefully before my sister is here. And then, many, many videos!

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