What if…? Unruly Teenagers in a Train Station

Imagine this situation happens (it actually happened tonight in front of me). A group of thirteen or fourteen year old boys are fooling around on the escalator in a train station, and as they get off, they partially block other people as they push each other around. They’re being noisy, silly, and they seem to be having fun. They don’t seem to be maliciously causing others any inconvenience.

Behind them, there’s a middle-aged businessman who is trying to get around them, but he can’t. He shouts at them to stop fooling around and behave themselves in such a busy public location.

In your country, how would the teenagers react to the businessman? Post your answer in the comments below.

As for in Japan, the teenagers would most likely apologise and behave. Something like this has happened to me, when a group of teenagers were pretending to punch each other on the train. One of them actually did punch another, and he bumped into me. They immediately started doing a little head bow in apology when I glared at them. They didn’t mean to bump into me.


10 thoughts on “What if…? Unruly Teenagers in a Train Station”

  1. Oh, Christ. There are so many variables in that one that could spin this story an entirely different way in America that I really even couldn’t say.

    Knowing what I know of our country, though, it’s likely that, in its basest, barest element, the boys would prolly yell back at the man and call him names like “old geezer” or something. I would hope not, or maybe I’m still living in the grungy 90s, but that seems to me the most probable.

    Also, this outdated thinking, I should note, is prolly due to my limited experience with these situations, and I’m largely pulling from bad old flicks of New York. I’ve never been on a subway. Or is it ‘in a subway’? You know, since you walk down into it…?

    …I’m fairly certain I made that so much more incredibly complicated than I meant to and that you asked for. My bad.

    1. It wasn’t actually a subway. It was a train station. Most of the stations are above ground or elevated. This one just happened to be the only underground station on the line.

      “Old geezer” sounds a little old-fashioned 🙂

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