What’s Your Favourite Period of History?

I like history. I like it now, but I didn’t always enjoy learning about it in school. But even then, I liked history. I guess I just didn’t like having to write essays about it. But what we learned was quite interesting. I remember learning about the Aztecs in grade six. I remember learning about Russian history in junior high school. I remember European history and studying about the World Wars. It was all fascinating.

I like looking at the history of countries, how things have changed over the centuries. Even now, looking at current events, I think about how this will be history. And what happens now shapes our future, just as our past shaped what the world is like now.

When I think about history, I often wonder about what my favourite time in history is. I think I’ve mostly been interested in ancient Greece and Rome. But I also like Japanese history. What is your favourite period of history?

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Period of History?”

  1. Man… I’ve got some catching up to do! I haven’t been ignoring you, I promise. I somehow unfollowed you. I noticed today that I haven’t gotten any emails from your posts. So I went looking and sure enough, I had to click the follow button. Anyway, my favorite period of history are the wars of 1900’s, the American Civil War, ancient Egypt, and Rome, and the dinosaurs.

    1. Those are some widely different times of history. Dinosaurs would be up there for me, too. I was thinking more about human history for my answers, but dinosaurs would be my favourite part of prehistory.

  2. I don’t so much have a favorite period of time that I like most, but I am absolutely fascinated by the relevance of time. By which I mean how Anne Frank and MLK were born in the same year, and Cleopatra lived closer to the landing on the moon than the building of the pyramids.

    We learn things so isolated, without any real context of the rest of the world at the time, so I love connecting the dots. I always used to wonder, “If this is going on here, what’s going on everywhere else?”

    There should be, like, a comprehensive map of history on a global scale. I think that would be amazing. 😀

    1. I do the same kind of thing. For example, the last mammoths were still alive when the pyramids were built. Or that the Mayan civilisation collapsed before the Spanish arrived in the Americas.

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