A Musical Dolphin Show?

Enoshima Aquarium has some dolphins.  And a false killer whale. But what they do isn’t just a dolphin show, it’s a musical dolphin show. The trainers are all women who are dressed up in very colourful costumes and singing like they’re some idol singers.  Sound a bit unusual? Well, enjoy the video. We got almost the entire thing.

One thing happened during the show that I thought was an accident. Turns out it was part of the show, because both dolphins did the same thing (though the other dolphin wasn’t shown doing it in this video). It was very windy, but the weather was beautiful.

Behind the show, you can see Enoshima. That’s where we went yesterday. I have two videos to edit together from 78 individual videos. Yes, that’s how many videos I took yesterday. It’ll take a while to edit the videos. 47 for Enoshima, 31 for the aquarium. Maybe I’ll get one done tonight. But today, we’re off to Tokyo!

Ethically, what’s your opinion on dolphin shows? Yeah, we’re getting into that. I kept thinking about how that false killer whale had no one but dolphins to talk to, and most likely has no idea how to communicate with them.


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