Inspired by a Science Museum

Today, my sister and I went to Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, in Odaiba, Tokyo.  Every time I’ve been there, I’ve found something new and very interesting to look at. Of course, much of the museum is interactive. However, today was a bit different.

20151014-215743-79063216.jpgThere was one exhibit that allowed everyone to join a future city, get a job, and become a citizen. The concept was interesting. Simple, but very interesting. Another exhibit had people walking around an area while logged in to a system. There were cameras above that watched each person walking around, and it kept track of where everyone went. You had to interact with these personalities which helped it determine things about you, and finally that information was turned into a song. I recorded the song on video, which I’ll get up when I’m able to.

But these things showed some future ideas that were things I’d never thought of. What I like about that museum is that it focuses on future technology. And when writing science fiction, you have to think of future technologies that have yet to be invented. But sometimes, it’s not just technology, but forms of entertainment, culture, and jobs. There’s a lot to think about, and it has me inspired.

First Sightseeing Fail

Yesterday, we went here:


634 metres tall, the lower observatory is at 350 metres, and the upper at 450 metres. It’s the world’s tallest free-standing tower (Burj Khalifa is not in this category). This is Tokyo Skytree.

I was going to make a video going up the tower and showing the view and what the inside was like. I failed. When we arrived, it was 4pm. We wouldn’t have gotten inside until 5:30pm. The wait was far too long. No Skytree.

Also, it’s going to take a long time to edit all these videos. So many!!