First Sightseeing Fail

Yesterday, we went here:


634 metres tall, the lower observatory is at 350 metres, and the upper at 450 metres. It’s the world’s tallest free-standing tower (Burj Khalifa is not in this category). This is Tokyo Skytree.

I was going to make a video going up the tower and showing the view and what the inside was like. I failed. When we arrived, it was 4pm. We wouldn’t have gotten inside until 5:30pm. The wait was far too long. No Skytree.

Also, it’s going to take a long time to edit all these videos. So many!!


4 thoughts on “First Sightseeing Fail”

  1. It’s not a fail! It’s only a failure if it’s something within your control. It just means our plans came to a fork in the road and we had to choose the path of least resistance. 🙂

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