Election Day Is Monday – Vote!

The day to vote is coming soon. It’s on Monday, October 19th. I can’t vote because the Canadian government is now enforcing a law that states that expats who have lived outside of Canada for more than five years cannot vote. So, my voice is silent in the polls. However, I can encourage others to vote.

So, that’s what I’m doing. Don’t be one of those people who says your vote doesn’t count. It does. Because in the last election, more than half of eligible voters did not vote. If those people had voted, the outcome could’ve been completely different. Combined, all those missing votes could have made a huge impact.

So go and vote!

14 thoughts on “Election Day Is Monday – Vote!”

    1. I’m not sure of any country that allows non-citizens to vote. However, I can vote in city elections in Japan. Being a resident is what’s required, not being a citizen.

  1. Sorry to hear that Canada suffers from low voter turnout as does the US. I know some of my Canadian friends have already voted through early voting and hope the rest will turn out on Monday. It seems that many Canadians are looking for change.

          1. We hope! The lack of experience of some of the current Republican candidates makes me shake my head. Fortunately, there are several qualified candidates running for the Democratic nomination.

            1. The Republican party has no clear party leaders any more. This led to a free-for-all of republicans thinking that “Well, I’m as qualified as So-and-so, so I’ll run, too.” There is also a scary anti-government streak among the Republican electorate, so there are a number of people running who have never held elected office or who have minimal accomplishments in government office. I have great difficulty imagining most of them as president.

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