The Imperial Palace Makes Me Want to Do What?

Today’s visit to the Imperial Palace was a very good one. Just take a look at this.


That is just a small part of the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor and Empress of Japan live. We can’t go in there, but we can go into the Eastern Gardens. That was beautiful. While walking around through the multiple gates, the landscape, and the many native Japanese plants, we noticed how everything was carefully constructed and planned.

Well, looking at how things were built, I had a strong desire to do two things. First is worldbuilding. Second is play SimCity 4. SimCity 4? Yes! It’s one of my favourite games, and I loved watching my cities grow. Unfortunately, the CD is covered in dry food after my daughter decided to play with it after eating. Not sure how I can get it off now.

Anyone else get a desire to do anything like that? Let me know in the comments below.

Welcoming a Family Member to WordPress

With my sister’s visit to Japan coming to an end in only a couple days, we need to spend some time working on her blog. She’s going to be starting a new blog through WordPress!

Her blog will be about her trip to Japan, containing many photos. I’m looking forward to that. Once she’s got a post up, I may link to her blog. But first, we have to make sure that her blog is up and running and looking the way she wants it. Who wants to see it?

In the meantime, I’ll be having my own sightseeing videos up in the coming days. There are many videos to edit and upload, and some of them are a bit long. But I hope you’ll enjoy them.