Many Japan Videos to Come!

My sister’s visit to Japan is coming to an end, but my video editing is going to begin. We’ve visited a lot of places over the past two weeks, and I took videos at most places. Some videos will be fairly short, while others will be pretty long.

How many videos? There will be twenty-eight! Two in Fujisawa, thirteen in Tokyo, one in Saitama, six in Kamakura, one in Yamato, one in Isehara, and four more in Yokohama. There have already been a couple Yokohama videos.

If you can guess where we visited (search about tourist attractions in the cities mentioned above), I’ll be impressed. You may get some, but there are others you may not get at all. Give it a try and guess!

Which Books to Keep?

With my sister leaving for Canada tomorrow, I had to fill up the rest of her suitcase with whatever I wanted to send. That was mainly some DVDs, CD games, and books. But which books?

I sent mainly those that I have read, but some were just important books that I definitely wanted to make sure went back to Canada safely. Many were books my sister would most likely be interested in reading. However, with our move to Canada at the end of March next year, I have to decide what to send and what to get rid of.

How do I decide what to keep? Well, I will definitely keep anything by Terry Brooks, Terry Pratchett, Robert Jordan, George R. R. Martin, Kim Stanley Robinson, and probably anything by Arthur C. Clarke, Peter F. Hamilton, and Alastair Reynolds. But we’ll see. Books are heavy and cost a lot to send overseas.

How would you decide what to send and what to get rid of?