Which Books to Keep?

With my sister leaving for Canada tomorrow, I had to fill up the rest of her suitcase with whatever I wanted to send. That was mainly some DVDs, CD games, and books. But which books?

I sent mainly those that I have read, but some were just important books that I definitely wanted to make sure went back to Canada safely. Many were books my sister would most likely be interested in reading. However, with our move to Canada at the end of March next year, I have to decide what to send and what to get rid of.

How do I decide what to keep? Well, I will definitely keep anything by Terry Brooks, Terry Pratchett, Robert Jordan, George R. R. Martin, Kim Stanley Robinson, and probably anything by Arthur C. Clarke, Peter F. Hamilton, and Alastair Reynolds. But we’ll see. Books are heavy and cost a lot to send overseas.

How would you decide what to send and what to get rid of?


6 thoughts on “Which Books to Keep?”

  1. Part of the equation would be how easy it is to replace a book. Something that was a first edition or that I had annotated, I’d definitely want to keep. I realize it would be cost-prohibitive to ship ALL the books. I know that my daughter’s friends in Hawai’i ship via containerized freight on ships, which is cheaper, but takes a loooooooong time.

    1. Yes, I sent my hardcover books and the one that was signed by the author with my sister. Those have gone to Canada and are nice and safe. Most others are simply mass market paperback. I can easily replace those. I don’t mind the long time it takes to send by ship, since I have many books on my phone 🙂

  2. I had similar problems when I moved back to the USA from Southeast Asia last year, although I had already taken a lot of books home on an earlier trip.

    Now, to reduce clutter, I’m getting rid of all my fiction books. I’ll just have kindle and audible files in the future. I still keep hardback books like reference books (flipping back and forth is easier with paper) or books with nice pictures or maps.

    1. I couldn’t get rid of books to reduce clutter. Books are the one thing I want to keep. I’ll regain my collection after moving, and I’d rather have the paperback books than on Kindle.

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