Share Your Geekiness

I am a geek. I’ll admit that quite honestly. Anyone who knows me knows that I like a few geeky things. Let’s take a look.

Star Trek

I am a big Star Trek fan, and have been since the late 80s. I’ve been to a few conventions, but never dressed up in costume for it. I bought a lot of books, including technical manuals and starship guides. I even have the Klingon Dictionary.


Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved dinosaurs. Still do. They were more of a mystery back in the 80s, but so much more is known about them that we have come to accept that dinosaurs never disappeared. They’re still with us in the form of birds.


I keep track of the weather daily. I’m fascinated by the long-term trends, as well as the short-term fluctuations. I keep a record on another blog, 365 Rotations.


Well, considering this was what I studied in university, I’m not so sure if I should include this as being a geek thing. But I love anything to do with space, space exploration, astronomy, and so on.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

This is more of a book thing, but I also love movies and TV series that are sci-fi or fantasy. Love Pern, Shannara, A Song of Ice and Fire, and more. But you should know this, considering what I usually talk about on this blog. I even got goosebumps when I watched the new Star Wars trailers.


I love maps and geography. I love city planning, how countries use the land, how the landscape shapes countries and towns, how relations with other countries affects the course of history, etc. It’s all very interesting to me.

Computer Games

Many of the games I enjoy are geeky by nature. SimCity 4, The Sims 2, Civilization series, and I am eagerly awaiting No Man’s Sky. I love RPGs and MMORPGs, but found I didn’t have the time required to dedicate to them.


I watched the cartoons as a kid, loved the original movie, and then later bought the entire series on DVD as an adult. I will watch it again and again. The live action movies are a travesty, though. It just feels like the whole series was gutted.

There are so many more things I could go into. I have too many interests to ever get bored.

So, now it’s your turn. Share your geeky side in the comments below!

21 thoughts on “Share Your Geekiness”

  1. Space, robots, dinosaurs, and mythology.
    Science fiction and fantasy, cartoons including but not limited to anime, video games.
    And crossovers! I have an inordinate fondness for crossovers between things that were previously unrelated. (Also for beetles and for making references not everyone will get.)

  2. I don’t think I’m so much “geeky” as I am “dorky” or “nerdy.” I fankid over video games, comic books, manga and anime, space and stars, trees and rocks, psychology and sociology, tattoos and glasses, Texas, the English language, aminals (yes, aminals ^_^) and music and mythology and stuff.

    1. I identify with both “geek” and “nerd.” I was definitely a nerd in school, and I still am. Love learning, good student. I’m a geek because I’m a fan of a few things that I absolutely love.

  3. It’s so hard to list all of my geekness ( is that a word?). I also love Star Trek. I’ve seen every movie and TV show and spin-off. Except for Voyager. I’ve seen about half of those. I love comic books, mostly Marvel. I love fantasy novels, particularly Tolkien and middle reader and YA fantasy. I love history and maps. I took basic astronomy in college and love it. I love Sci-fi TV and movies, but not so much to read.

    1. I’ve seen nearly all of Star Trek. The only things I haven’t seen are the latest movie and some episodes of DS9. That’s right, I missed some of DS9. Got the DVDs of the last season, but they’re in Canada now. Haven’t watched all of them yet.

    1. I must look through your blog! I followed. I nearly studying palaeontology in university. Wish I had, because I’d also have studied geology, which is far more useful than physics and astronomy.

  4. I’m not sure if my passions are geeky, nerdy, both, or just plain weird. I love books and reading with a passion that borders on obsessive. I also enjoy video games – World of Warcraft is my current addiction, though I adore the Zelda games, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Dragonquest, and just about every other RPG I’ve tried. I’ve toned down a bit on my anime, but I still watch it, still attend conventions, AND still cosplay. Which is another passion – I love costumes. Not cheap Halloween costumes, but handmade, high quality stuff. My prized possessions include three steel boned corsets in varying colors, Hollywood grade prosthetic elf ears, and a velvet Renaissance gown. I have a thing for castles and British accents (which is why I thank my lucky stars that I found my husband – he HAS said accent and frequently takes me to see castles – even if it’s usually at Disney World.) Oh, that’s another obsession: Disney. I can say that I’ve seen ALMOST every animated film (I’ve missed some of the sequels and … What the heck do you call a third? Triquel?)

    Geez. I think I have too many interests. I can’t even tell if I forgot one.

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