Six Days, Three Earthquakes

It’d been a while since I’d felt an earthquake. On Wednesday, I felt the first one in a long time.

Wednesday’s was felt at the Imperial Gardens in Tokyo. It would’ve been nearly impossible to feel if we hadn’t been sitting down. Sunday’s earthquake happened while I was working. And today’s earthquake also happened while I was working. They were all small earthquakes.

Is it possible to become desensitised to an earthquake? After all these years, it seems that small earthquakes like this are nothing more than a feature of the land. When they happened, my thoughts were, “Oh, it’s an earthquake.” Ten years ago, I would’ve been thinking, “Wow! It’s an earthquake!” They don’t seem to impress me anymore.


18 thoughts on “Six Days, Three Earthquakes”

  1. Growing up in Northern Ireland in the 70s and 80s, I know the things you can get used to very quickly! My sister moved to New Zealand 4 years ago and the earthquakes terrified her at the start. Now she is so blase!

    1. That’s how I feel. When they happen, I think, “Oh, an earthquake.” Then I carry on doing what I was doing while secretly enjoying the feeling of the earthquake 🙂

      1. I know, of course, that Japan has had horrible destruction from earthquakes for centuries. I’m glad that you have only had more mild tremors lately. It was just the timing of my reading your post was just as I was watching coverage from Afghanistan/Pakistan.

            1. Stable. Yeah, as in never changes. It’s not a progressive country at all. In fact, it’s regressing now, working on strengthening its military, all while having low approval ratings and many protests recently. It hasn’t been at war because of its US written constitution. The country is messed up.

  2. I guess by now you know to judge them.
    I remember in the UK I looked at the walls and said: “better not have an earthquake here with all those cracks”. I was answered with there are never any earthquakes here.
    Never? Well that night there was an earthquake…

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