When My Daughter Graduates High School

The year is 2030. My daughter is graduating. She’s eighteen years old.

I’ll be 53 years old.

NASA has already had a manned mission to capture a near-Earth asteroid.

NASA is preparing to go to Mars.

A probe has been sent to Europa. What will we know then?

A probe may be studying Titan. That’s under study now.

New Horizons will have left the Solar System.

India will become the most populous country in the world.

Saudi Arabia will run out of oil.

What else will happen? Hopefully it’ll be a better world. What do you think will happen in 2030?

10 thoughts on “When My Daughter Graduates High School”

  1. California will have separated from the United States by way of tectonic activity, there will be water shortages, food shortages, and oil shortages. We will more proficient at harnessing the sun’s energy, we will have an outpost on the moon to better facilitate a manned trip to Mars. I don’t think we’ll have flying cars by then.

    1. I agree with all of that, except California separating from the US 🙂 Earthquakes aren’t powerful enough for that to happen that rapidly. Maybe in a few million years, though.

  2. There will be increasingly frequent severe weather, despite the major push for renewable energy. People will begin to move to higher latitudes as places closer to the equator become too hot.

  3. Wow. Those commenters above really went pre-apocalyptic on us haha. I’m praying for something a little more hopeful. Like the evolution of world unity and better resourcing for energy. You know. Happy stuff.

    1. There is actually a lot of hope for greater world unity on combatting climate change by cutting back on fossil fuels and ramping up renewable energy via the climate talks in Paris in December. (Unfortunately, the emissions already in the atmosphere will cause the increase in severe weather and hotter temepratures in the future even with our very best global efforts. Sorry to bring up the downside, again.)

      1. I’m expecting some wild weather. Already seeing it in places. Crazy that some parts of the Middle East may become uninhabitable at times due to the extreme heat.

        1. The droughts and heat waves have been extreme on multiple continents. Tropical systems have been strong and travelled greater distances. There has also been a scary amount of flooding caused by stationary fronts rather than intense low pressure systems.

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