November, My Rebound Month

For the past two years, November has been one of those remarkably productive months on my blog. Views increase, interaction increases. What is it about November?

I haven’t done the October month in review yet, but will later today. However, one thing I’ve noticed about it is that it’s the worst month this year. Granted, my sister was visiting, and I didn’t do as well in the way of replying to comments or a lot of posts about writing and books. It was dismal, though.

November will be different. Book reviews! There should be three this month. Posts about writing! More specifically, about worldbuilding. Knowledge! Getting back into Quick Facts about moons, and maybe more.

Outside of the blog, I’ll be doing a lot more language studying. I have a plan, and I’m going to use it. I’m also going to interact with other bloggers as much as I can. I’ll aim to visit at least five blogs per day, both ones I regularly read and new ones. I’ll have a lot of videos to edit and post. That should be fun.

It should be a big month, I hope. How’s your November shaping up?


6 thoughts on “November, My Rebound Month”

  1. My October isn’t going too bad. I’m happy with its progress. Hopefully I can use October’s enthusiasm to catapult November stats. Then comes December, my 12th month blogging! Won’t everyone be too tied up with NaNo (or some form there of) to blog?

  2. I am going to my first ever week-long poetry residency/workshop this month. I’ll get back just in time to get ready for (US) Thanksgiving week with my younger daughter home from grad school for the week. I am not sure what will happen with my blog. Too many variables for me to be able to figure out how much posting I will be able to fit in.

    1. I guess it can be difficult to post when you’re busy. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to this blog after we’ve moved out and gone to stay with my wife’s parents before flying to Canada. And our first week in Canada will be staying at relatives’ homes in three cities, then on to my sister’s house where we’ll live. After that, I’ll be getting back to normal. Maybe it’ll be about three weeks in which I post seldom.

        1. I’m planning to do that with Authors Answer. Whenever I have a chance and have access to wi-fi (in Canada, I’ll have that any place I’m staying) I’ll update with a post here and there.

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