Month in Review – October 2015

September was a slow month, but October broke the record for this year. It turned out to be the least busy month. But then, I was on holiday for half of it, and wasn’t able to make my usual quality posts. They were mostly shorter posts, and I didn’t reply to comments in time. Well, that’s finished, so back to normal. The month ended with 1,099 followers, which was an increase of 26.

October Stats

October was rather consistent for much of the month: that is, it was slow. However, there was a recovery at the end of the month. There were plenty of slow days. 8 out of 30 days were over 100 views. The average number of views per day was 90, which is the lowest this year. The busiest day was October 23rd with 210 views, which was the second best ever. In October, there were 2,790 views, the 13th month in a row that was over 2,000. The total views at the end of October was 56,726. There were 62 posts in October, bringing it to a total of 1,383.

The month ended with 9,788 comments, 454 coming in October.

The top ten countries were:

  1. United States (1,635 views)
  2. Canada (377 views)
  3. United Kingdom (207 views)
  4. Japan (111 views)
  5. Australia (51 views)
  6. France (50 views)
  7. Croatia (35 views)
  8. India (27 views)
  9. Germany (24 views)
  10. Ireland (19 views)

Top Posts

The top five posts in October were:

  1. My Take on this Whole Blogging Thing (61 views)
  2. Six Months Until Canada, but I Have a Regret (58 views)
  3. Authors Answer 49 – Writing Necessities (55 views)
  4. What If…? Unruly Teenagers in a Train Station (50 views)
  5. Authors Answer 52 – A Big Thank You (50 views)

My most popular post written before October was EmDrive – Has NASA Created a Warp Field? with 228 views. This is the first time it’s been the top post.

Here are some posts that I really think you should read. They need more attention!


None at all. Again, I didn’t get around to writing that one review I said I’d write, but it was a busy month. It’ll be coming soon, though.

Social Media

On Twitter, I have 2,932 followers, which is an increase of 52.  I follow 2,862, which is up by 62. I finished with 7,788 tweets, with 141 coming in October.

On YouTube, I uploaded 6 videos in October.  I have 42 subscribers, which is unchanged from last month.  The month ended with 8,692 views, which is an increase of 204. I have an incredibly large number of videos to edit and upload, so expect these numbers to go up.

Looking Ahead to November

After a slow October, I’m expecting things to pick up for November. A lot is going to happen this month.

First of all, plenty of videos. I know it’s not the blog, but I will be posting them here. They’re all about sightseeing in Japan, and are the reason for October being slow.

I’ll also be working a lot on reviews. Probably 3 this month, as I have 2 books finished and another will soon be finished.

I’m going to focus a lot on reading other blogs and interacting all around WordPress. And I should be getting all caught up on the comments. I expect to also be more active on Twitter.

Some series that are making a comeback are Quick Facts Astronomy and blog spotlights. And Authors Answer is back for its second year!

Look forward to a great month. I expect it’ll be better than October.

A Nightmare for an Introverted Atheist

I was just talking to my wife about how annoying it can be to have small talk with a stranger for an extended period of time. It reminded me of a time when I just wanted to be left alone with a magazine.

I was reading Astronomy magazine in the Chapters store in Victoria’s Eaton Centre, minding my own business, when a woman approached me. She was around fifty years old, dressed like she had money, and a friendly face. I don’t recall what day of the week it was, but most likely Saturday or Sunday. I looked up and noticed she was looking at me and the magazine.

“The universe is so beautiful,” she said, looking at the galaxy photo on the page I was looking at. I nodded. But she continued, “Everything is so beautiful, just as God had intended it to be.”

I started feeling uncomfortable. As an introvert, I just wanted to be left alone with the magazine. I was trying to relax. As an atheist, I just wanted to be immersed in the all natural science I was looking at. I did not want a theological discussion.

She continued talking to me, but changed the subject. “Do you know Jason? Are you his brother?” she asked me.

“I don’t know anyone named Jason,” I said.

“Jason Smith, you must know him. You look just like him,” she said.

“Sorry, I haven’t met anyone with that name.”

“Well, he’s a wonderful young man. He goes to my church,” she said, smiling.

“I see,” I said, and went back to the magazine.

“Which church do you go to?” she asked me.

I looked at my watch and said as politely as I could, “I’m sorry, but I have to go now. I’m meeting my friend.” I quickly put the magazine back and walked out of the store.

At that age, I did not do well with conversations like that. I was still somewhat shy, didn’t like interaction with people in public, and as I was a very private person, I never talked about things like that. I just wanted to get away from her. Looking back now, I think she was just trying to be friendly, but completely ignorant to the fact that she was being rude. If someone is reading a book or magazine, do not interrupt them! Secondly, it was very presumptuous of her to think I was a Christian.

Today, I’d be able to handle that in a much better way. I would have said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t go to church. I’m not a Christian.” I may have added, just to politely get out of the conversation, “I’m looking up something for my studies in university right now. I’m studying astronomy. So, if you don’t mind, I need to get back to my research.”

I would be polite, but direct about it. Honestly, I’m curious how she would’ve reacted. I’ll never know, though.

Have you had an encounter with someone you just wanted to get out of? Share your story in the comments below.