Good-bye, National Geographic

So, it happened.  Rupert Murdoch has laid off the staff of National Geographic. They’re gone.  All gone. The award-winning staff no longer works for National Geographic. Editors, writers, photographers, all of them gone.

Who is it that thought selling National Geographic to Rupert Murdoch was a good idea? He’s destroyed it. They will no longer be pro-science, they’ll be a way for Murdoch to spread his anti-science garbage. Very sad day.

Update: Thanks to that above article, it made it sound much worse than it was. Here’s something more informative.

It’s still a massive cut in staff, including a lot of the fact-checking staff. While it’s not good-bye, I still think what’s going to happen is a reduction in the quality of the magazine. I’m hoping I’m wrong. I really want to be wrong.

Survey: Do You Read Book Reviews?

As you know, I write book reviews and post them here on this blog. They’re not the most popular thing for people to read, as I think people usually don’t read them unless they’re considering buying or have already read and want to see if the reviewer agrees or disagrees. But that’s just my guess.

So, please respond to this quick survey.


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