Survey: Do You Read Book Reviews?

As you know, I write book reviews and post them here on this blog. They’re not the most popular thing for people to read, as I think people usually don’t read them unless they’re considering buying or have already read and want to see if the reviewer agrees or disagrees. But that’s just my guess.

So, please respond to this quick survey.


Thanks for voting! Please comment if you have anything to add.

8 thoughts on “Survey: Do You Read Book Reviews?”

  1. I like reading book reviews because it helps learn how to structure mine and also get an opinion on a book I havent read.

  2. I like reading reviews of the really hyped books. what did people like? what didn’t people like? did the book match the hype?

    I’ll also read reviews after I’ve read something, because I’m curious if my opinion matched others.

  3. Book reviews are important. They help me keep a balanced view rather than just glibly just deciding that book sucked. Sometimes they point out things that I had missed.

    I tend to read them after a book though in an effort to avoid spoilers. Avid readers, like me, will avoid reviews of new books like movie fans avoid trailers. Wanting my imagination to be virgin ground.

    1. I agree completely. That sounds pretty much how I do it. I avoid spoilers like the plague. I refuse to watch Game of Thrones because I haven’t read all the books yet. I won’t watch the Hunger Games movies, because I haven’t read the books. But since I’ve read The Elfstones of Shannara, I will watch the Shannara TV series.

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