Canada’s New Liberal Cabinet

I think this was the first Canadian Federal Election I’ve been interested in to such a great degree. I watched what was going on for several months, seeing the rise of the NDP, the fall of the Conservative Party, and the eventual huge win by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

Trudeau is young. He was a big question mark for a lot of people. Too young, too inexperienced, lived a privileged life. After the swearing in and the selection of the Cabinet, I have to think he did a pretty good job so far. Of course, it’s still early.

The Cabinet is quite interesting. Fifty percent are women. There’s a fair number of south and central Asian members. Two are Canadian born Indian, two were born in India, and one was born in Afghanistan. One is now the Minister of National Defence. And one of them will be my Member of Parliament, as I’ll be living in his riding next year. Not only do we have a Minister of Environment, but she’s the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. That’s right, a minister who’s in charge of climate change! You can see the full Cabinet at the Liberal Party’s website.

It looks like Justin Trudeau is serious about diversity in the government and climate change. I’m interested in seeing what happens next.

If you’re Canadian, what do you think of the Cabinet?

11 thoughts on “Canada’s New Liberal Cabinet”

  1. I was a bit concerned when I heard that he said he was going to make sure there was gender equality in the cabinet, because while gender equality is important, it’s my belief that you pick the right damn person for the job, and don’t base any of your decision on things like gender or race.

    My husband was reading off a list of them this morning and I was genuinely shocked. A farmer for agriculture, a doctor for health, a retired lieutenant-colonel for defense! IT’S UNPRECEDENTED!

    I have really high hopes, because I honestly think this is the first time I’ve seen cabinet members chosen by their actual ability to understand the position. It’s a bold move. lol

    1. Yes, that’s exactly what I thought. I kept reading the bios and noticing that they were actually qualified for the positions they were being given. That was incredible!

      And the Minister of Defence is a badass 🙂

    1. It is actually is quite balanced. Based on the population of each part of the country, this almost exactly represents the populations of Ontario and Quebec. I see no problem with this. And anyway, it’s difficult to have a lot more from the west because the Conservatives were far more popular, and you’re not going to find Conservatives in a Liberal cabinet.

      But think about this, Sohi is perfect for his position. He’s a big proponent of public transportation, and that is part of what his position is about. He’s local.

  2. As long as he picks the right people for the job, I don’t care if they are boy, girl, or green with pink polka dots. There’s a video going around of a news reporter questioning Trudeau about why selecting half his cabinet female. His response is 3 words. “Because it’s 2015”.

  3. I’m not Canadian, but I am impressed with the appointment of a Minister of Environment and Climate Change. So different from the last administration. I’m hoping that it will help with the upcoming climate talks in Paris.

    1. I was impressed with that, too. Trudeau has said he plans to be a leader at the climate talks, and is very serious about making Canada one of the top countries in the fight against climate change. Harper said he wasn’t going. Trudeau has invited all of the provincial Premiers. That sounds like a leader who wants his entire country involved.

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