Survey: Which Languages Do You Want to Learn?

As you probably know, I’m studying some languages on Duolingo at the moment: French, Spanish, and German. If it had Japanese, I’d definitely be going through that course, too. Eventually, I’d like to study every language that’s on Duolingo.

But I’d like to do a quick survey. If you could choose any three languages to study, which would you like to study? Please select three languages when you vote. These are the currently available languages on Duolingo for English speakers.

Thanks for voting! Please leave a comment below explaining your choices.

14 thoughts on “Survey: Which Languages Do You Want to Learn?”

    1. I’ve read some fiction like that. If it’s not meant for the reader to understand, I can get the reason why it’s included, but if they wanted them to understand, it makes little sense.

  1. German – because I’m part German and the language fascinates me. Irish – because GAELIC, MAN!! and I’d love to move to Ireland someday. And Spanish, because it’s one of the most spoken languages and it’d really help for where I live/traveling in South America.

    1. I started Irish, and I have to say that it looks so different than any other European language that I’ve looked at. The grammar is very different, and the pronunciation is not easy. But very interesting.

      1. That’s what I hear! I’ve never been very good with languages (at least, never had the opportunity to really *use* them outside of a school setting and actually gain proficiency) so I can’t fathom it, but I’ve always yearned about learning Irish. That may be me just being romanic, however.

  2. I chose Irish because that is my heritage on my dad’s side (and I have already studied Italian) which is my mom’s heritage; Dutch because I have some cousins who have lived there; Swedish because I am interested in visiting there one day.

    1. Good choices. I will study those eventually. But I’ve heard Dutch is quite easy for English speakers. It’s closer to English than German is. Swedish is also supposed to be easier than German.

  3. I filled in the three languages I am actually learning on Duolingo – German, Spanish and Russian.
    German because I live in Germany currently (but speaking English at work). Spanish because I am going for holidays in South America (I guess it will be very different spoken-language wise, but at least some basic orientation!), and Russian because I am native speaker of other Slavic language and I think that I should just go and learn some basic Russian (not really master the language, that’s quite another story) when it’s so easy, with many similar words and nearly identical declension system.

  4. German and Russian are my native languages. As I’m mostly interested in Asian languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese), I only speak/learn them. But unfortunately they are not on your list 😦

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