140 Days Until Canada

Sounds like a lot of days, but it’ll be incredibly short. It’s been five years since I’ve set foot in Canada. I wonder how foreign it’ll feel. But we’re not going to just visit, we’re going to live there.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve missed. There’s actually a lot, though some more than others.

I miss Canadian forests. Japanese forests are more like rain forests and almost always green. At least around here. I want to see a birch forest again.

I miss driving in Canada. The roads are narrow and congested in Japan. I want Canada’s broad streets and easier to navigate cities and highways.

I miss certain foods, such as Old Dutch taco flavoured tortilla chips, pepperoni, New York Fries, Harvey’s, Panago, and KFC’s fries and gravy.

I miss hockey. Just can’t see it on TV in Japan.

I can’t wait to experience these things again.

If you have moved away (actually or hypothetically) from your home country, what would/do you miss?


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