Merry Christmas?

The Christmas decorations started going up during the last week of October. The Halloween decorations were still up. And these lights are up for a long time.


Do we really need Christmas decorations up for so long? I love Christmas, but it’s still one and a half months away.

What do you think? Is it too early? When do/did Christmas decorations go up in your area?


22 thoughts on “Merry Christmas?”

  1. Definitely too early. I love Christmas, and I usually put my decorations uo by the first of December, but it makes me gag when I see people with their houses fully decked out immediately after Halloween. TWO FULL MONTHS of decorations, plus lots of people don’t take theirs down until the New Year…that’s almost 20% of the year surrounded by mistletoe and Santa. @_@

      1. My husband and I always aimed for December 1st. It’s only been in recent years that we’ve decorated a little early because I’ve always been working out West during the first half of December.

            1. Must be nice. I’m having a bit of a stressful holiday season. I have to pack my little one about 1 1/2 hours away by train tomorrow night to my wife’s parents’ house, then we go to her sister’s house the next day, then back home. New Years will be very hectic, though lots of food and drinking. I look forward to next year’s Christmas, which will be in Edmonton. Any traveling will be by car, which will be far more comfortable. No need to wrestle with the kid.

            2. Yikes…reminds me of when we first moved to this town, and we’d pack every single present in the car and travel down home to visit my family, then his family, then his sister’s family, and so on and so on until we were so exhausted we’d barely managed to enjoy Christmas. @_@ Hopefully next year will be significantly more relaxing for you! Of course I hope you had a good holidays anyway. ^_^

            3. I don’t think we’ll be doing much packing of anything, thankfully. Probably just stay at home and go nowhere. That’s fine by me! We’d see my dad after Christmas, most likely.

  2. The local grocers already had their christmas tree up before Halloween. That got a “Are you #$^$#$%! kidding me?” Christmas Decorations should not go up before Dec 1, and should be taken down no later than Jan 1.

  3. I despise seeing Halloween and Christmas decorations at the same time in stores. In my opinion, Christmas decorations shouldn’t appear until Remembrance Day (today). Lets give the Vets their due respect before Santa.

  4. I like the strings of lights, and think it wouldn’t be so bad to have them out there all year (well, minus the electricity costs), but then they don’t have to explicitly be Christmas lights. They can be anything-lights. As for actual Christmas decorations, I prefer them to stay in December — though I did just put out the holiday music CDs at the library where I work. Normally they’re in storage, but because of that they don’t circulate more than once or twice a year, and we’re trying to raise that rate. Some folks were requesting CDs back in July, but there hasn’t been a big rush on the display yet, so I guess it’s not Christmas pandemic season at the moment.

    1. I’ve seen lights out on trees and other things in some streets all year, but they’re not Christmas decorations. Those are okay. Sometimes, it makes the street brighter and more friendly at night. Usually, those streets have a lot of nightlife.

    1. It’s not traditional in Japan. It’s trendy, though. Stores like it because they can sell a lot of Christmas themed things. Christmas dinner here is usually KFC.

  5. I don’t think you will find anyone fonder of Christmas and Christmas decoration than me, but I think they are taking it too far. I live in Spain and the traditional date to start decorating home has always been the 6th of December (a holiday here). Malls, shops and streets were usually decorated earlier, but lights weren’t turned on until December. But lately they are starting earlier and earlier. For instance, last week I saw a Starbucks with TWO(!!!!) Christmas trees. And it isn’t such a big place, believe me.
    Nonetheless, the people with more Christmas spirit in the World I think are the Portuguese. In Vila Real de Santo António, a small town, there is a Christmas shop that opens the first week of October and 3 years ago I went to a conference in Porto in mid October and they had a huge Christmas tree at the reception lobby…

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