Accidental Genre Change

Have you ever planned a book or several books, and everything is going smoothly, and everything is falling into place, and then something happens that takes you by complete surprise? That just happened to me.

You see, the entire Ariadne series of books I plan to write are science fiction. Everything is advanced with high technology. At the moment, I have six books ranging from rough outlines to ideas. I’ve known what’s going to happen for a long time, and I’ve always thought this is sci-fi. But you know what? I came to a realisation the other day. The genre may actually change!

I never really thought about the genre changing, but it appears it may do just that. The genre? Well, without giving away too much, it’ll still be science fiction, but with a somewhat steampunkish feeling. Sort of. But this remains to be seen. It may turn out completely different than that.

Which makes me wonder, have you ever read a series that seemed to change genre? Let me know in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Accidental Genre Change”

  1. Dexter started off serial killer and took a left turn into supernatural. That’s when I dropped it. Gentlemen Bastards started off crime-fantasy and may just have taken a turn into chosen-one territory, in which case I might drop it. Gotta be careful if you make the switch too deep into the series — it can easily alienate people who were expecting things to continue a certain way, and people who want that switch aren’t likely to know about it if they weren’t interested in the genre you were portraying first. Kind of burying the lead.

    1. My change is just the progression of history. Not to worry, though, things will still be high-tech in many ways. Just new ways of going about it, new technology, and so on. The main thing is that the whole fantasy element will remain, though I guess it’s not so much fantasy, as it’s explained scientifically how people can do “magic.”

  2. Just call it “speculative fiction,” and the genre won’t change at all haha. I do love a good plot twist that the story just kinda throws at you as you’re writing, though. Like “huh. That was unexpected. Guess we’re rolling with it!”

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