Test Driving Languages

Studying languages has been an interest of mine for quite some time, but I hadn’t really focused on learning more than just French and Japanese.  Now, I’m studying Spanish and German in addition. But that’s not all I want to study. I’ve decided which languages I’ll do after these, but I’m going to do something a little different at first. I’m going to test drive some languages.

On Duolingo, there are 25 levels for each language. It’s basically like a game. The more XP you get, the higher your level. I’m currently at level 8 for French, 5 for Spanish, and 4 for German.  I’m going to do each language available on Duolingo up to level 2, just to try them out and see what they’re like. After achieving level 2 (which is only 50 XP or 5 lessons), I’ll write a post with my impressions of the language. It should be interesting.

As for French, I’ve studied it before, so I can’t give a first impression. I do have to say that I’d forgotten a lot of it, but it seem somewhat easy to pick up again. The difficulty for me is verb conjugation for some verbs, as well as pronouns.

Spanish is the first new language I’ve studied since I started Japanese in 1997. I’ve heard that it’s supposed to be the easiest Romance language to study. So far, I haven’t had many problems. Just the same issues as with French: verb conjugation and pronouns. I also don’t study it enough to really remember things well. I’ve been focusing a lot more on French.

German is the third language I started. I’m not really focusing on this yet, but I’ve found it interesting. It’s kind of similar to English, since it is a Germanic language, so some things are easy. However, I’m having issues with the verb conjugations and pronouns. The noun capitalisation has been easy, though.

So, I will be trying out the following languages (in no particular order): Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Esperanto, and Russian. Coming soon are Polish, Hungarian, Vietnamese, and Hindi. I could also study Catalan from Spanish.

Which do you think would be the most difficult language?


12 thoughts on “Test Driving Languages”

  1. Seems to me like Russian and Vietnamese would be the most difficult, just based off the (admittedly, very little) I know about them. I guess we’ll see, though. ^_^ Your idea sounds really interesting – can’t wait to see what it reveals!

    1. From what I’ve been hearing, Russian, Turkish, and Irish are the difficult languages of those that are available. Already tried Irish. Very interesting, but the grammar is quite different than English.

    1. Really? I’ve found Dutch fairly easy. But I can understand about Finnish and Hungarian, considering they’re some of the more difficult languages. Japanese hasn’t been so difficult for me, since I live in Japan.

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