A Canadian Sumo Wrestler in Japan

Ever heard of Brodick Henderson? How about Homarenishiki? They’re the same person. From Victoria, BC, Henderson is now known as Homarenishiki as he competes in Japan as the only Canadian in professional sumo. And so far, he’s looking pretty good.

There are six main divisions in sumo, from highest to lowest: Makuuchi, Juryo, Makushita, Sandanme, Jonidan, and Jonokuchi. At the moment, Homarenishiki is in the second lowest, Jonidan. He’s in his third tournament as a regular, each time with a winning record. You can see his record here. In the current tournament, he’s now 3-1. He lost his first match, but has won the other three.

Here, he lost to Fujihisashi. Homarenishiki is on the left.

He defeated Tsubomi here. Again, he’s on the left.

And then, he defeated Imafuku.

And in his most recent match, he defeated Zendaisho.

I’ve been watching Homarenishiki ever since he started doing sumo in Japan. I hope he goes a long way.

By the way, he’s only the second Canadian to do professional sumo in Japan. The first was Kototenzan, aka John Tenta, aka WWF pro-wrestler Earthquake.

Are you surprised to know about these two Canadian pro-wrestlers?


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