Disgusted: Paris and More


Sometimes, it takes an event like the terrorist attacks in Paris to make people think about how completely screwed up the world is today. Paris is a reminder that this kind of thing is happening in many parts of the world. It’s not the deadliest attack by a long way, but it is very high profile, and it happened in a country where people should be safe. If it can happen in Paris, it can happen anywhere.

People are complaining that this is getting a lot of media attention while the attacks in Lebanon, Palestine, and Africa are getting little attention. The problem is, it’s always happening in those places, and we’ve become desensitized to it. When it happens in a place like Paris, everyone notices. But whether it happens in Beirut, Lagos, or Paris, all of the lives that were lost matter.

Look at the deaths due to terrorist attacks so far in November:

  • West Bank: 5
  • Somalia: 12
  • Egypt: 3
  • Lebanon: 48
  • Iraq: 31
  • Chad: 3
  • Cameroon: 4
  • France: 128+

These numbers don’t include the terrorists, only the victims. But look at October:

  • Philippines: 4
  • West Bank: 2
  • Turkey: 106
  • Australia: 1
  • Nigeria: 98
  • East Jerusalem: 5
  • Niger: 8
  • Iraq: 64
  • Yemen: 7
  • Israel: 3
  • Chad: 38
  • Cameroon: 9
  • Saudi Arabia: 7
  • Pakistan: 33
  • Bangladesh: 2
  • Afghanistan: 6
  • Egypt: 224

Really disgusting. I’m feeling pretty speechless by all of this.  It’s hard to put into words how I’m feeling.

I just wish they would stop. These acts of terrorism are done by people who have no compassion, no sense of what being human is. They have no capacity to understand people who are different than them.

And then I hear about people saying we should shut out all the Syrian refugees. That’s not going to help anything. More than anything, it’ll create even more resentment by the refugees, and will breed more violence. These people are running for their lives, running from the very same terrorists that want to destroy western civilisation. You know who most of the victims of terrorism are? Muslims. Most of this is Muslim on Muslim violence. And those terrorists are extremists. They represent such a small percentage of the population that they do not represent everyone. I know Muslims who are wonderful people.

What I can’t stand is people who are willing to discriminate against the majority of Muslims who are good people just to try to keep out extremists and terrorists. That won’t work. And I really can’t stand people who will tell Canadian Muslims to get out of our country when those very Muslims want nothing but to live their lives in peace.

Going to the even more extreme are the people who want to stop immigration altogether. Two of my grandparents were immigrants. My wife will be an immigrant. I won’t stand for that. Especially from people I know.

All I want is for people to stop their idiotic fighting and try to get along. If you can’t get along, then just don’t talk to each other and keep to yourselves. There’s no need to bother others and impose your set of beliefs on everyone. Obey the laws of the country you live in. Don’t try to impose your religious or personal beliefs on the government of the country you live in. Respect the law, and respect others’ rights to live their lives peacefully within the law. It’s actually a very easy thing to do. I don’t know why people have to make it so difficult.

This isn’t all about France, of course. This is about everyone. I long for a peaceful world where everyone can live without fearing who’s going to hate them for religious or cultural reasons. It’s a cycle that just keeps going and going. It never ends, does it?

44 thoughts on “Disgusted: Paris and More”

  1. Stuff like this makes me sick, and I hate hearing about it because it always just spirals and becomes worse and worse and worse until you’ve got everyone yelling at each other like super-violent children.

    This morning one of my Facebook friends shared a screenshot of the comment section on the CBC website where they were reporting this…someone commented something to the tune of, “Praise Allah, you’re next Canada! Thanks for letting in those 25,000 soldiers so we can take you down!” All I could think was that there’s a 99.9% chance that the person who made that comment is some anti-Muslim asshole who just wants to add fuel to the fire and get the refugees kicked out of the country.

    People are AWFUL. I wish it wasn’t true, but it just is.

    1. How true your comment is, unfortunately, cowards will infiltrate with legitimate refugees to cause distrust of Muslims and incite violence against all Muslims. We have to be better than this, just because all terrorists today are claiming to be Muslims doesn’t mean all Muslims are terrorists.

      1. While it is possible for them to accompany refugees, I read tonight that the application process for becoming a refugee is actually far more difficult than applying for a tourist visa. Makes one think that they’re more likely to travel as tourists.

      2. True indeed. And I’ve always wondered, what is it about Muslims specifically that makes people fall into this trap? People of all creeds and religions have committed horrible atrocities, but when it’s a Christian who blows up a building the religion aspect is never even brought up, whereas the second a Muslim does the tiniest thing wrong he’s a “terrorist”. Makes me sick.

        1. I know exactly what you mean. Just because 99% of modern terrorists are so called Muslims doesn’t mean 99% of Muslims are terrorists, we should be working with those Muslims who aren’t terrorists to bring the ones who are to justice.

          1. Spot on. We shouldn’t be taking out all our anger and frustration on all Muslims any more than we should have built a wall around Germany after the war. To think that all of a particular people are supportive of the extreme reactions of a few is foolish to say the least, and it sucks that all the innocent refugees who are just looking for a way to survive are taking so much abuse from the angry and frightened.

        2. Not too long ago, it was Christians who were the terrorists in Ireland and the UK. When the IRA was active, they were the major terrorists that were on the news, not Muslims.

          1. Yeah, people often forget that there are terrorists present in every group. It doesn’t help that when a Christian does something horrible the media tends not to refer to it as “terrorism”, but that’s the first word they use when there’s a Muslim involved in anything.

            1. I know. All these mass murders that have been happening in the US are a form of terrorism. They’re just labeled as loners or troubled people. But if a Muslim does it, they’re a terrorist. It’s annoying.

    2. Unfortunately, I’ve been seeing a large amount of this on Facebook amongst my friends and family. So much polarisation. So many extreme comments that I don’t they’d make in person. Just pure insanity going on.

      1. People turn into complete assholes when these sorts of things are going on. And the worst part is that, inevitably, one or more of those assholes will be someone you know and otherwise like, and now you can’t help but have second feelings about them. It’s so disheartening.

        1. Yeah. I’ve already had second thoughts about some of my relatives, including one who doesn’t stop posting anti-Trudeau and climate change denial images. Others tell her that she’s misinterpreting a lot of things, and try to set her straight, but she’s extremely reluctant to change her opinion.

          1. That’s a big bone of contention with me. I can deal with people being a little ignorant and emotional when they see or hear about something that upsets them, but when someone completely closes their mind off to any kind of possibility of a change of opinion…that just makes me want to set them on fire.

            1. Yeah. The thing is, the person who’s making all these comments is someone whose brother-in-law died of cancer this year, her son was stabbed this year, and her house was broken into with many things stolen or broken. All of this in one year. It’s hard for me to argue against her.

    1. I have to wonder, too. Maybe since I’ve been living in a country where white people are in the minority, I take notice of the attacks no matter who the victims are.

  2. This IS terrible. I was watching BBC news for a couple months during my last hospital stay a few months ago, and I felt so bad for the refugees flooding into Europe at the time. I too detest things of this nature: the intolerance, the bigotry, the hate, and then the fear and killing. Even worse is it feeds into non-Muslims’ fears about “which Muslim the next terrorist could be”, so you end up seeing people just making blanket statements about anybody who IS Muslim, who COULD BE a terrorist – all of that. I fear the profiling stuff at airports and such will just get worse, and that won’t help at all. I seriously wish I knew what would.

    1. I wish I knew how we could make things better, too. But what I’m finding is that those who embrace helping the refugees are much happier people. It’s the angry people who tend to be against allowing refugees in, and they’re just creating a bigger problem. Those refugees feel rejected, and some of them may turn to terrorism because they can’t get help. They get angry. They want to lash out at those who turned them away. I think that could make things worse.

    1. You’re right. And of course, most Muslims say that while they’re doing it the name of Islam, they most certainly are not following Islam. They’re using it as a way to appeal to Muslims who have been discriminated against.

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