The Shannara Chronicles Character Introductions

New preview videos for The Shannara Chronicles are out! MTV has released character introduction videos. So, here they are.

Manu Bennett as Allanon

Poppy Drayton as Amberle

Ivana Baquero as Eretria

John Rhys-Davies as King Eventine

Austin Butler as Wil

Of course, Eretria and Amberle look great. And I really like John Rhys-Davies as King Eventine. He’s always seemed like a fantasy actor to me. Wil looks to be good, too. But I’ve always wondered about this interpretation of Allanon. He looks nothing like I imagined, and looks nothing like the book description of him. But despite that, I’m very interested in watching this.

Do these videos get you excited about Shannara finally coming to TV?

8 thoughts on “The Shannara Chronicles Character Introductions”

  1. I know absolutely nothing about this show or series of anything, but it does look very cool. I love the concept of druids, in general, so seeing one in an popular TV show (making an assumption that it will be, here) makes me pretty happy on its own, but then there’s the young hero, two very different but very strong young women and an old king. It’s gotta be good haha.

    1. Also, it’s based not only in a fantasy world, but a post-apocalyptic earth. In the trailers for the show, you may see the Space Needle in Seattle. It takes places a few thousand years in the future. And there are demons. Often.

  2. Not what I thought Allanon would look like, but I’m willing to give it a chance. There has been quite a bit of success recently with changed images but excellent portrayals. As long as the portrayal fits how I see him, the appearance won’t be important.

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