Getting Back on Track

My sister’s visit last month was great, but it has had a bit of a negative side effect. Some of my regular features have been disrupted. But it goes even beyond that. Much earlier than that. There are some things I need to get back to doing.

Blog Spotlights

I was doing blog spotlights before my sister came, and didn’t get back to doing it. I usually did them on Thursday. So maybe I should do one today, since it is Thursday.


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a worldbuilding post, and I have so much planned. Depending on the topic, it may take a lot of research, or more original ideas by myself. I want to get back to writing these.

Astronomy Quick Facts

I need to get back to profiling the moons of the solar system. But not only that, I have other Quick Facts series to start, including Geography, Dinosaurs, and Space Probes.

Hugo/Nebula Awards According to Goodreads

I started this, and didn’t really get back to it. I should continue with the next decade for the Hugo Award.

Japan Videos

I have so many to do! I need to get them up.

There are many other things I want to do, but I think these are the most important at the moment. Which ones are you looking forward to?

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