There’s a New Post Editor!

I’d been using the old editor for quite some time. Then last year, a new editor appeared that lacked the functionality of the old one, and for some reason, only gave me the ability to see three lines in the text field. It was irritating. It only gave me a full view when I edited existing posts. It was fine for that, but not for making new posts. So, I continued using the old editor which is available on the old WP Admin Dashboard.

Well, there’s a new editor! And how does it look? It actually looks pretty good.  I like it. I may actually use it. I’m using it right now just to test it. Improvements over the previous “new” editor include a full list of categories and how they’re structured, larger visual editor, cleaner appearance, and far easier to use.

But, there’s a problem. There’s no option for adding a poll. I wonder why it hasn’t been included. I guess it’s time to visit WordPress forums and ask about it!

What do you think of the new editor?

13 thoughts on “There’s a New Post Editor!”

    1. I’m sure they’ll address many things. However, from what they’ve said in the support forums, there are things they won’t do, and the biggest is a way to edit images that’s available in the old editor. They said to use the old editor if you need more flexibility with images.

    1. Me too. I like the old editor, far more than the new one. The new one is made more for tablet computers anyway. Also, the old editor has more ways to edit images than the new one. The developers actually said to use the old editor if we need more flexibility with images.

    1. They said they hadn’t added it yet. There will be features that they won’t include, though. And the big one is the ability to edit images like the old editor. For that, they said to just use the old editor. It’s not going away.

  1. I was reading some of the posts on the support forum and everything the new editor doesn’t do is going to be added in “soon”. My question is why didn’t they just wait and release the new editor when it was finished? Instead they released now, nearly forcing us to use an incomplete model.

    1. This is how WordPress does things. They change things, and the users test them. Sometimes, it disrupts what we can do. Thankfully, the old editor is always there and available for use. I only noticed the changed new editor because I edited a post.

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