H. Anthe Davis’ Big Thorough Author’s Answer

Earlier today, I posted the 55th Authors Answer with a question about which actors we’d like to see as our characters if our books were ever on TV or in the movies.

There were some interesting answers, of course. But H. Anthe Davis did something more. She made her own post with pictures of the actors she wants. You should go check it out.

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Authors Answer 55 – Our Characters on Screen

We’ve made it big! We have a movie or TV contract signed, and we’re looking for actors to play our characters. In reality, the author probably has little say in who acts as their characters, but we do have our favourites. So, who would we choose?


Question 55 – If one of your stories were going to be made into a movie or TV series, who would you like to act as one of your main characters?

H. Anthe Davis

Oh man…  I’ve tried to fan-cast my own work many, many times, and have spent days paging through actor lists in search of people who look right, but it’s so dang difficult to appease myself.  A lot of the actors are too old to play my late-teens, or appeal to me by their personality but don’t fit the described look of the character, or could be perfect except they apparently never shave their beards…  It’s much easier to cast minor characters than major.  I think the closest I’ve ever come is considering Richard Armitage for Captain Sarovy, which could work but still doesn’t feel right.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

I’ve never really thought about it before, but I think if one of my stories were to be made into a movie or TV show I would want unknowns to act in it. My reasoning is that whenever you have a big name actor, there are certain things you expect from them. Even the best of actors tend to be a little type-cast…you expect they’re going to act and react a certain way, you expect certain outcomes just because they’re there…I’m sure you guys know what I mean. So I would prefer to have unknowns so that the viewer can actually experience the growth of the character rather than simply expecting things to happen a certain way.

Allen Tiffany

Hmm… Good question. I’d want someone relatively unknown so that they are viewed as that character forever more. For instance, Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe are one and the same. I know he has done other work, and will do other work, but it is hard imagine anyone ever looking at Daniel Radcliffe in any role and not seeing Harry Potter. Ditto William Shatner. Who? Captain James T. Kirk.

Paul B. Spence

Oh, this is such a difficult question. Nobody is really perfect for any of them, as I didn’t have anyone in mind when I created them. Stephen Amell would make a good Hrothgar Tebrey, I think. Julian Sands as Mandor Shadovsky. Not really sure about anyone else.

Eric Wood

Emma Watson or Sarah Drew for a leading female character. Adam Sandler or Russell Crow if it were a leading male.

Jean Davis

That’s a good question ,and one I don’t really have an answer to. I haven’t seen anyone in that matches what I envision my characters look like. Which is probably a good thing or I’d have my office covered in fan girl posters for one particular character.

D. T. Nova

Naomi Scott as Alice, maybe.

Elizabeth Rhodes

For Jasper, I’d had the idea of Philip Seymour Hoffman playing the role of Calvin Jasper, but for obvious reasons that is no longer possible.  Apart from that, I hadn’t settled on any other roles.

S. R. Carrillo

Hm! I have pretty unconventional-looking characters, even those of whom reside in a realistic or contemporary world, but I would love for my series to take lesser-known actors or ones just beginning in order to detach the story from “star attraction” – actors who would attract audiences based on their names alone. I would want the story to be what attracts the audience.

And, preferably, unless explicitly stated otherwise, I’d want actors of color, as those are the people I write the most of.

Caren Rich

Lucas Black from NCIS New Orleans would be perfect as Butch Drinker, he has the accent!

Kathy Bates would be perfect for Ruth Miller

Anna Kendrick for the protagonist Coco Miller

Amanda Seyfried for Cindy Trent

Gregory S. Close

I think Hugh Jackman might make a good Osrith (surly mercenary, knight-errant type) if In Siege of Daylight were made into a movie.  For Greyspace, I think Captain Fry would be best played by Christopher Eccelston and Bronwyn Mare, my exiled Native American protagonist, by Q’orianka Kilcher.

Linda G. Hill

I NEED Johnny Depp as my main character in The Great Dagmaru. “Like” has nothing to do with it. hehe

Jay Dee Archer

I don’t think I have any particular actor who would be perfect for each character. I haven’t really developed an idea for this well enough. However, there is one character I keep imagining as an actor. And that is Paolo Fernandes in Journey to Ariadne. He will be in my first novel, as well. The actor I keep picturing as him is Hector Elizondo. But only because of how he looks. However, he can’t have a goatee, as Paolo only has a moustache. And he has more hair, too.

How about you?

If you could cast any actor as your characters, who would you like? Leave your answers in the comments below.