Great Space and Science Fiction Books

Recently, published a list of space and science fiction books that they feel are the best and have recommended them to their readers. I checked it out, and I found a few books that I’d like to buy. Here they are:

cosmosSurprisingly, I didn’t have Cosmos in my to-buy list on Goodreads. I have since added it. Are you surprised that I haven’t even read the book? I am, too. Probably a must read for all space and astronomy fans.

Carl Sagan is a legendary astronomer who made science and astronomy fun and easy to understand for many people.

amanonthemoonI had to add A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts by Andrew Chaikin to the list. From what I’ve read, this book has a very complete account of each Apollo landing. The author spoke with 23 of the 24 astronauts to get all the facts. I’d love to read this and find out what happened on the moon. And I guess not happen on the moon, in the case of Apollo 13. Probably more complete than the movie!

auroraDid you know that Kim Stanley Robinson has a new novel this year? It’s Aurora, a novel about our first voyage outside the solar system. He did a wonderful job with Red Mars, and this goes beyond our neighbour. I’m a sucker for this kind of book. I really need to finish reading his Mars trilogy, though. The first book was my dream book. I wonder what this will be like.


There were many other books on the list. Most of the science fiction books I already have or read.  Check out the list and let me know if any catch your eye. Leave your choices in the comments below.


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