Week in Review – November 21, 2015

What a week it’s been.  It started off with a low point in Paris, but a lot of my posts have actually been about writing and books. And a review! Finally, a review.

This week’s posts

The first post was a big one. I was Disgusted: Paris and More. Think about more than just what happened at Paris, but also many other places.

After that, I lightened the mood a bit. There’s a Canadian Sumo Wrestler in Japan! He goes by the name Homarenishiki. Check out his videos.

On Monday morning, I had A Few Minutes to Spare and Relax. I got some reading done in a beautiful park. With pictures!

Later on in the day, I started a discussion: Is Investing Your Time in Novel Series Worth It? Lots of comments. You can still join the discussion.

Did you know that there are Star Wars Soft Drinks? Well, I still haven’t tried them. I might soon, and take a video.

I love it When Reading Pushes Me to Write. I’m currently reading a book that is really inspiring me. On the other hand, the previous book sucked the creativity out of me.

Finally! A Book Review – The Neutronium Alchemist by Peter F. Hamilton. Great book, though incredibly long. Check out the review!

MTV released some videos on YouTube, showing The Shannara Chronicles Character Introductions. This has me even more excited to see the TV series. However, Allanon looks nothing like I expected. What do you think?

I’ve been feeling like Getting Back on Track with a lot of things on this blog. Check out what I’m going to work on.

There’s a New Post Editor! My initial thoughts of the new editor for WordPress, which looks better, but still many things missing. I’m still using the old editor.

The regularly scheduled Authors Answer continues with Authors Answer 55 – Our Characters on Screen. We discussed who we think should act in TV or movie versions of our books.

But then I saw H. Anthe Davis’ Big Thorough Author’s Answer on her own blog. Here on I Read Encyclopedias for Fun, her answer was shorter, but go see her blog for her much longer answer.

And finally, I found an article on Space.com with some Great Space and Science Fiction Books. These are the ones I want to read. Take a look at the full list on Space.com.


As I’ve written already this week, I feel inspired. More of a feeling, but I really do want to write. I just need peace and quiet to do so, which is something in very short supply. I just need to wait until April, and I’ll have that peace and quiet!


It’s going really well. I’m already 33% of the way through The Dragon Reborn. I should finish it next month and have a review done. I’m also at 82% on The Book of Deacon. Slowly progressing, but I don’t read eBooks very often. I should finish it in December, as well.

Language Learning

No change in levels on Duolingo, but I am progressing. I should be leveling up in Spanish soon. I think it’s time to do that test driving of other languages.

Thanks for reading this week. The next week should have another review, and hopefully some Japan videos. The end of the month will be approaching, and the numbers for this month are looking good.


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