From Japan to Canada – Changing My License

After I came to Japan, I changed my Canadian driver’s license to a Japanese one. It took me about five hours one day, but it was finished. I had to get my Canadian license and five year driving record translated, but that was all. No tests were required. It was basically an exchange of licenses.

Now that I’m going back to Canada, I have to do he reverse. It’s a bit easier, because I won’t have to get my driving record here in Japan. I do have to get my license translated, though. And that’s the difficult part. According to the Alberta Motor Association, I must have my license translated by an approved translator. However, Japanese licenses are a special case. They must be translated at the Consulate-General of Japan, which is in Calgary. And that will require a little trip down to Calgary. Also, to get my license, I need to provide AMA with my address, which I’ll probably be able to give them once I’ve changed my address at my bank.

One of the most important things I need to do is get a car. There’s a very good chance that the job I’m going to be doing will require a car. So, I need my license as quickly as possible, and I will most likely be leasing a car.

But what kind of car? Something small is fine at first. Once we’re all settled and ready to buy a car, we may be looking at some smaller SUVs, or crossovers. I’m a bit partial to the Honda Vezel, which is available in Canada as the Honda HR-V. We may also consider the Subaru Forester. But in the beginning, we kind of have our eye on the Toyota Aqua, which is known as Toyota Prius c in Canada. Keep in mind that this is not actually a Prius, but a different model. It just has the Prius name in North America. And, honestly, I wouldn’t mind the Audi Q3 or Q5, that is if I had the money.

And finally, I really do miss driving in Canada. I’m sure my sister found it interesting being a passenger in Japan while I was driving one day.

Do You Read Comics?

I blog about books. But I never talk about comics. Comics are books. But I’m not a big reader of them. I know there are some very good comics, many of which have become TV series or movies. The Walking Dead is a big one, but I’ve never read it.

I tend to only read Garfield these days. Occasionally, I look at Bizarro or The Far Side, too. But I’ve been reading Garfield since I was a kid.

When I was a kid, I also read The Transformers comics and watched the cartoon. I read a little of Superman and Batman, but very rarely. And I read the comics in the newspaper all the time.

How about you? Do you read comic books? Which ones do you read?