Duolingo Language Test Drive to Begin

I’ve finally decided to get that language test drive started. I’m going to start off with a couple languages I’ve already taken a look at, then move on from those.

First up is Irish. I can already say that the grammar is different than English. Second will be Esperanto. It’s an easy language, but it isn’t spoken by any particular country. Following them, I’ll work my way through the available languages and post my impressions after I’ve done five language lessons. Ukrainian and Russian have alphabet (Cyrillic) lessons, which I’ll go through first, then do five language lessons.

This is the order I’m going to do them in:

  1. Irish
  2. Esperanto
  3. Norwegian
  4. Italian
  5. Dutch
  6. Portuguese
  7. Swedish
  8. Danish
  9. Turkish
  10. Ukrainian
  11. Russian

Ukrainian has the better Cyrillic lessons than Russian, so I’ll do that first. Turkish is supposed to be quite difficult, so I’ll leave it until later, as well.

There are other languages that will be available soon, including Polish. Once I get far enough along with Spanish, I can try Catalan from Spanish.

Which ones are you looking forward to hearing about?


4 thoughts on “Duolingo Language Test Drive to Begin”

  1. I don’t know if Turkish should be described as hard – the pronunciation is phonetic and the sounds aren’t difficult for an English speaker, and the grammar is regular, and there is no gender for nouns. The lexicon is mostly new for an English speaker, though.

    I’m planning on learning four languages with Duo: French, Esperanto, German, and Polish. That’s more than enough to keep me busy for the rest of my life.

    1. I have no idea if I’ll actually study as many as I’d like. But I’ll make an effort to. At the very least, I want to speak French, Spanish, German, and possibly Norwegian, Russian, and Italian. But we’ll see!

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