Week in Review – November 28, 2015

It’s been the week of languages. I got started with my test drives. This is definitely going to be interesting as I go through the languages, and I’m looking forward to getting to Russian. Let’s take a look at the week.

This week’s posts

I started the week off with comics. I asked my readers Do You Read Comics? I got plenty of good responses.

Just four months until we move to Canada, and it had me thinking about something. Check it out: From Japan to Canada – Changing My License. It’s not so difficult, but a little traveling is required.

Moving on from comics, I talked about cartoons. We had a big discussion on Childhood Cartoons. I loved Saturday morning! Join the discussion.

Cartoons were great, but the evening had some good shows, too. We talked about Sitcoms of the 70s and 80s, and found out what we watched. There were some great ones!

Got a moment? Help me out by voting for your favourite photos! See Choose My Best Instagram Photos – Round 1, Group 23. I’d love your opinions.

Maybe this is a little premature, but I think we already have 2015’s Biggest Science Story. See what I think, and share your opinion.

More votes, please! I want to find out what you think I should read. Which Fantasy Series Should I Try? I’d like more votes.

I then moved on to some politics. The Republican side of politics in the US is a mess. It’s insane. So, Please Explain Donald Trump and Ben Carson. At least they’re both becoming less popular.

Finally, it has begun! Earlier in the week, I posted Duolingo Language Test Drive to Begin. Well, it has already begun. But check out the order I’m doing the languages.

A quick look at palaeontology, it turns out Dimetrodon Is Canadian! It’s not a dinosaur, though. It’s more closely related to mammals.

Authors Answer 56 – Our Other Creative Endeavours talks about how creative we are and whether we do other kinds of art. We’re an artistic bunch! Check it out.

And so it really did begin. I gave my first language a try in Test Driving Languages – Irish. Wow, difficult!

More Shannara! The TV series is coming in the new year, and this time, MTV has given us a look at the opening title sequence. Check out The Shannara Chronicles Opening Sequence.


I’ve only read one book this week, and that’s The Dragon Reborn. I’m now nearly half way finished! At 44%.

Language Learning

French is still at level 8, but should go up soon.I made it to level 6 in Spanish, and German is also unchanged. The biggest change is Irish reaching level 2.

Thanks for reading this week. The next week, includes the beginning of December, and probably a book review. I’ve already started writing it, so I should finish quickly.


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