The New Batman v Superman Trailer

Back when I was a kid, I watched the Superman movies religiously. I wore a cape! A Superman cape!

In 1989, I saw the Batman movie and thoroughly enjoyed Michael Keaton’s version of Batman, and Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Amazing stuff. I liked Val Kilmer’s Batman, too. But then things fell apart, and we had several mediocre to terrible Batman movies. And then came Christian Bale and his rendition, which I haven’t seen.

I did see Superman Returns, though. Not very satisfied with that one. Nor have I see Man of Steel yet, but I do know that the events in that movie lead up to this: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I have seen the trailers and teasers. I have seen Wonder Woman. And all of this brought back memories of a huge colouring book I had of the Justice League superheroes. I was a DC Comic superhero fan, not a Marvel superhero fan (except Spider-Man).

But then, last week, a new trailer came out. And here it is:

Let me just say that I’m a kid again. The final scene in this trailer had me excited. While the characters are different than my childhood heroes and villains, seeing all three of these superheroes on screen at the same time was amazing. Everyone raves about The Avengers, but The Justice League is where my heart is.

And thank you, Ben Affleck, for not overdoing the Batman voice like Christian Bale did. You definitely have the better voice. And Jesse Eisenberg is a wild Lex Luthor. This will be entertaining.

What did you think of the trailer?

10 thoughts on “The New Batman v Superman Trailer”

    1. I think he’s done the voice well. There seems to be a positive reception to his Batman so far. The same thing happened with Michael Keaton, and he was a great Batman.

          1. It was quite good to see a ‘shades of grey’ Superman character, but the schtik was kind of silly – I mean, Superman is about 1,000,000,000 times more powerful than Batman. Now, ‘Superman vs Dr Manhattan’ – that would be interesting (though I suspect Dr Manhattan wouldn’t be bothered engaging, or might just teleport Superman to the middle of a singularity and that’s that. Movie ends 28 milliseconds after it starts…)

            1. Well, in the trailer, he does say that he could easily kill Batman if he wanted to. But that’s the thing, he holds back. He’s not the kind of person to become a killer. Power can corrupt, but he shows a huge amount of restraint. That’s part of why I like Superman.

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