Resurrecting a Blog

Now that I have some new ideas for my YouTube channel, I have some ideas for my other YouTube channel and a blog I haven’t updated in quite some time. You see, those two go together.

My other YouTube channel is dedicated to my daughter and I, and I may start using it for parenting talks, as well as fun stuff my daughter and I do. My other blog, Foreign Dad in Japan, was created to show what it’s like to raise a daughter as a foreigner in Japan. But now that we’re going to Canada, it’s kind of a strange title to have for a blog. I’m going to start using it for parenting issues, especially about being a father. I’ll probably update weekly with something, and with my new project with my daughter, learning to do her hair, I have some things to talk about very soon.

So, stay tuned and watch for updates!

Things I’d Like to Try, But Never Thought I’d Want to

When I was younger, there were a lot of things I saw my parents doing that I never thought I’d be interested in. But I’m wrong. I know that now. But not just about what they do, but other things, as well.


That’s right, I’d like to have a garden. In fact, I’d love to try making both a vegetable garden and a Japanese garden. I love the look of a Japanese garden. I’ve grown to really enjoy aesthetics of buildings and landscapes, and I wish everything could look amazing or beautiful. But it’s not just an aesthetics thing, I also enjoy biology, and want to know more about botany.

Doing hair

There was an article written about this guy that I saw on Facebook that led to a Facebook page called Daddy Daughter Hair Factory. Never in a million years did I ever think I would actually want to learn how to do a girl’s hair. Now that I have a daughter, I’ve noticed that it’s not that uncommon for fathers to do this. It’s got me interested. They even have a blog.

There are still things I can’t see myself doing, including doing any kind of musical activity or dancing. But if my daughter wants to do them, and she seems to really love singing and dancing, I will have no problems at all taking her to lessons.

What interests or hobbies did you develop later in life that you never thought you’d do?