Strange Food Ideas

I was in bed getting my daughter to fall asleep when I had a very odd idea. What would ham and cheese gyoza be like? Gyoza, for those of you who don’t know, is a Chinese dumpling usually filled with pork and cabbage, and can either be fried (potstickers) or steamed. I would suspect it would taste good.

What is like to know us what are some of your more unusual food ideas. Did you try it? Was it good? Let me know in the comments below.

Endangered Languages

One of Duolingo‘s aims is to help preserve endangered languages and encourage people to learn them. That’s a very interesting idea, and I think it’s very important that it succeeds. At the moment, there aren’t really any endangered languages, just some regional languages within some countries.

While maybe not endangered, you can learn Irish, Catalan, and even Guarini. There are many North American native languages that are slowly disappearing, and could find a home on Duolingo. There’s a push for Cherokee at the moment, but someone also mentioned Navajo. That would be interesting to learn.

There are some extinct languages that are being suggested, as well. That includes Latin (while not extinct, it’s not exactly widely spoken), Ancient Greek, and Old English. A few also want Old Norse.

And then I found this, the Endangered Languages Project. The map shows a huge number of languages that are endangered and more. There are 74 languages listed for Canada, 175 for the USA, and even 13 for the UK. And actually, Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh are on the list for the UK and Ireland. It’ll take a long time to browse around that website, but it’s very interesting.

Are you interested in learning an endangered language?